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We are makers, builders, art lovers, collectors, and operators. We are here to build the worlds that have yet to be built and amplify the art that exists in them. Here’s how.



The Wild Residency is an application-based program where we bring together incredible emerging and established makers to learn, grow, and reimagine art as we know it. Collections coming soon.

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Reinvented Drops

In our destination marketplace, you can support your favorite makers, discover new art, the stories and people behind it, and build your collection of originals and virtual goods.

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Through immersive experiences, you can connect with your community, explore new worlds, and enjoy creativity in a completely new way.

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Meet the Wildxyz Team



John Kobs
John Kobs

Founder & CEO, music producer, dad, husband, Case Western Reserve alum and current Board member, Douglass is the Founder and Chairman of Apartment List, where he served as CEO for 14 years. Engrossed in web3 since 2017, Douglass is passionate about the intersection of art, technology and people – and his excitement is contagious. When not cheering for his favorite Ohio football teams, Douglass is making music, throwing dance parties with his two year old daughter, and sharing all the magic the Bay Area has to offer.



Lauren Baum
Lauren Baum

Proud New Orleans native and current Austin resident, Lauren loves how NFTs connect people across the globe through shared passions and communities. Bringing experience from Stanford undergrad to Harvard Business School, Google and most recently Apartment List, it’s no surprise that Lauren is the swiss army knife of Wild. The daughter of a magician, her trademark optimism and drive to make an impact on the people and places she loves is infectious.



Nicole Belager
Nicole Belager

An unflappable mom to two young daughters, Colie is the glue that holds the Wild team together. Known to her friends as thrifty and organized, she is a minimalist who appreciates a nomadic lifestyle. From McKesson to Roblox, Colie has an unbeatable talent for keeping people and organizations on track. A business graduate of Santa Clara University, Colie is eager to curate an NFT collection that sparks joy - and adores that it doesn’t require packing or storage!



Barry Dineen
Barry Dineen

Originally from Ireland and now calling Australia home, Barry brings a global perspective to helping artists build the immersive experiences that will change the way that digital art is consumed. He has spent the last 16 years working alongside architects to bring their unbuilt spaces to life, and is now channelling that knowledge and experience into designing and building the virtual worlds of the future. Barry brings an unparalleled passion, drive, and sense of possibility to the Wild team and our community of artists.



Laura Petro
Laura Petro

Laura is full of unstoppable enthusiasm. A University of Pennsylvania alum and early leader on Peloton’s marketing team, she helps people and stories come to life through connections, comedy and a warm, inclusive style at every turn. Her happy place is throwing parties at her home and discovering new local restaurants and artists to support. Laura believes everyone has a story to be told and is excited about empowering makers to create with more ownership and upside.



Rachel Dyke
Rachel Dyke

Rachel is a powerhouse growth expert who led Pricing then BizOps and Planning for Flexport in global logistics after a nearly 8 year run helping build Sunrun from an early stage startup to a successful public company. A Stanford graduate who walked onto and captained the lacrosse team, Rachel tackles every challenge and opportunity with her massive hustle and heart. As a Burning Man enthusiast with more costumes than square feet in her San Francisco apartment, Rachel is no stranger to the power and promise of virtual art to uplift people and families. A proud military daughter, Rachel brings analytical horsepower, business intelligence, and a passion for the unique and unexpected to the Wild community.



David Silverman
David Silverman

Newly residing in Brooklyn with Nora, his rescued German Shepherd, Remy brings a brightness to Wild. Friends may call him goofy, but Remy is seriously dedicated to the mission of supporting and propelling creative artists. A Northwestern grad who launched a coffee brand from scratch and got his start supporting Chance the Rapper, Remy’s ambitious, anything-is-possible attitude inspires all who know him. An avid NFT collector, Remy brings a wealth of knowledge around building community, utility, and creative world domination.



Shiu Pei Luu
Shiu Pei Luu

SpL joined Wild to design and build unprecedented, immersive experiences. She is inspired to help artists build sustainable livelihoods. Her ​​design practice focuses on tech art and visual development, and she brings a formally trained eye from the Academy of Art University. Her previous roles range from Product Design Manager for Messenger Kids to Head of Art for Meta Avatars. With a contagious smile and vintage plastic Chicken McNugget in tow for luck, it’s no surprise that SpL thrives in environments where team camaraderie shines through. She is also the proud creator of the famous “mustache straw.”



Michael Stajer
Michael Stajer

Dad to four, husband to a legendary doctor, and avid fiction novel reader (one per week!), Stajer is the ultimate creative, having reinvented his career three times. A magna cum laude graduate of Hastings Law and Berkeley, Stajer became a successful founder with software development expertise and several exits. A humble “degen,” Stajer has been developing crypto software since 2014, and was an early adopter of Ethereum and other alt coins. Stajer is committed to utilizing the power of web3 to improve financial opportunity and access for people around the world.

Wild’s Core Values

Come as you are

Wildxyz is an inclusive team where people can bring their full, authentic selves to work. First and foremost, you belong here.

Reimagine possible

We lead from the front, act with integrity, and write our own path forward.

Build for impact

We commit to solving real problems, focusing on collective output we can deliver together.

Stay curious

We are passionate, optimistic problem solvers and dreamers, driven by imagination. Creativity is not an element, but a fundamental piece of everything we do.

Make yourself proud

We show up to do our best work, celebrate each other, and always acknowledge awesomeness. We treat each other with respect and leave our egos at the door.

Get fun sh*t done

We believe the best work happens when you’re having fun.

Massive thanks to our wonderful investors and advisors

This group, among many other incredible supporters, make Wild possible

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