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Featured Collection: Index Grids

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A dynamic collection

With 'Index Grids,' Andre Oshea explores the symbiotic, sometimes uneasy, and ultimately inextricably-linked relationship between the artwork, the artist, and the art market, a complex relationship that is only amplified by Web3 and its blockchain particularities. Each of the 113 tokens in 'Index Grids' will evolve between four phases each time the token is transferred to a new owner. With this gesture, Oshea explores the potential of how the market affects artists’ output.

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Wild Oasis, our 1,000 piece membership collective, offers you the deepest access to all things Wild. Our daily auctions are currently paused while we focus on our existing community of holders. We have exciting initiatives in the works that will expand the Wild platform and enhance the Oasis experience. Hint: Big things are coming from legendary artists, who you might already know and love… Wild & ████████ █ ████. Coming soon 👀

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