Have questions about the Wild team, our amazing artists, and how to get involved? Learn more through our FAQ!

What’s Wild really all about?

At Wild, we help artists and collectors experience the wonder of web3 through our artist residency, our curated drop platform, and immersive worlds & experiences. 

We believe the next generation of digital creators will change the way the world experiences art, and we’re excited to play a role in supporting and propelling their work and their visions forward.

What makes Wild so unique?

Wild is a connected world of creativity so approachable, imaginative & delightful you’ll want to build your future in it. Starting in the Wild Residency, we empower artists to push their own boundaries and do their best work. Wild artists develop collections that go beyond the 2D – they are intentionally and thoughtfully designed to be immersive and experiential, fueling deeper opportunities to engage with the work. We invite fans to discover and connect with art and communities of creativity. We know that epic and unexpected things will come when these diverse and impressive experiential collections reside together.

As a collector, how can I get involved?

You can become a part of Wild through our proprietary Wild collections, such as the Wild Oasis, as well as through our incredible artist collections. Whether looking to buy your first or 500th piece of digital art, we are here to serve those at all stages of their web3 journeys. Our goal is to help you not just transact and look at art, but to take a peek inside the curtain to understand the story and the artist behind the collection. We believe art should be felt and experienced, not just seen – and we aim to help our collectors do just that.

As an artist, what’s the best way to participate?

We’re committed to supporting artists, creators, and makers in doing their best work – giving them the tools to do so, and also eschewing the outdated creator models that take an outsized cut of their financial upside.

Together with our world-class artists, we build delightful and approachable experiences that amplify their visions and help them connect with fans, both existing and new. Right now, the best way to onboard into Wildxyz as an artist is through our Residency – learn more and apply here.

How do I get regular updates on artist collections or opportunities to engage with Wild?

Come join our Discord community and follow Wild on Twitter, Instagram and Mirror

Wild Residency

What is the Wild Residency?

The Wild Residency is an application-based program where we bring together incredible emerging and established makers to learn, grow, and reimagine art as we know it. Our residency helps makers push their work  through mentorship, storytelling, and community building.  We’re focused on setting up creators for the long-term, helping them build successful careers in experiential art and beyond. That means more than a single collection – we sustain momentum with an emphasis on storytelling, community and engagement.

What should I expect to learn or achieve in the Residency?

The Wild Residency enables the development of cutting-edge art  and immersive experiences. Our program focuses on valuable benefits and meaningful connection, including:

  • 12 weeks of organized programming in web3, experiential art, and community building opportunities
  • A community of diverse makers from a spectrum of genres and areas of expertise
  • Authentic education and mentorship from industry legends and expert artists
  • Support shaping and sharing your story like never before, including content and live programming
  • Bespoke smart contracts for your collection
  • 3D/4D development and design assistance to bring your concept to life
What is the criteria for the Residency?

We are seeking genre-bending artists who are motivated to push boundaries, challenge their own expectations and set a new standard for the future of art. Most Wild Residents…

  • Have developed and dropped at least one digital art collection
  • Are interested in creating unique, immersive collections
  • Have connected with collectors and developed an initial community
  • Are interested in producing experiential and/or 3D collections
How do I apply to the Residency?

Learn more and Apply Here.

Reinvented Drops

What are Wild’s Reinvented Drops?

Wild is a destination to support your favorite makers, discover new art, and build your collection of originals and virtual goods. Our platform is intentionally curated, with an emphasis on the stories behind the artists and their work. We’re excited to continue  to build together over time.

As an artist, how can I sell my work on Wild?

Right now, our platform is designed primarily to support artists in our residency, and others in our ecosystem. If you’re interested in participating, learn more and / or apply to our Residency, or drop us a line at hello@wild.xyz.

As a collector, how can I find more art and experiences on Wild?

Wild is a deeply curated experience that will continue to build and grow more robust and expansive over time. Explore collections on our “Artists and Collections” page to see what’s dropped and what’s in the works.

Wild Oasis

What is Oasis and what does it mean to be a Wild Oasis owner?

The Wild Oasis is a world where you can explore, dream, and experience. When you enter into your Oasis, you’re entering into a world created just for you. Oasis owners get access to special features & surprise-and-delight moments and interaction, including immersive experience all your own; unique access and opportunities for artist drops, as well as Wild collections coming soon.

How can I become an Oasis owner?

While it’s still building season, we heard you. It remains our #1 priority to foster our community. We know you don’t want to wait, so we’ve introduced Oasis Now, a limited time opportunity to join the Oasis community, for avid collectors who don’t want to miss a minute on all that Oasis has to offer. Scoop your Oasis, available for a limited time only.

In just over 4 months, we’ve welcomed 400+ Oasis holders, who have collected hundreds of digital works of art.  As we grow Oasis to its eventual 1,000 supply count, our top priority is to cultivate this community thoughtfully and intentionally. Our plan is – and has always been – to focus on creating outsized value for our passionate Oasis holders. Time is on our side.

Learn more in a Mirror post from our founder here.

When will Oasis auctions resume?

No set date yet confirmed, but we promise big things are coming. We have exciting initiatives in the works that will expand the Wild platform and introduce new opportunities to enhance the Oasis experience. Trust us, it’s not-to-be-missed. We will keep the community updated. Join our Discord or sign up for updates to stay current on exciting news and updates.

Still have more questions or eager to get a jump on becoming an Oasis holder?

Great, we’re here to listen and chat! Jonathan, our Collections Experiences Lead, invites you to schedule time with him to discuss anything Oasis related: benefits of ownership, how to secure your Oasis and exciting things we have in store!

Wild Experiences

What are Wild experiences?

Wild Experiences represent both the immersive journey across our artist collections, as well as Wild’s own collections – starting with Wild Oasis.

Through a delightful, immersive, fun, and inclusive approach, we amplify artists’ visions and help them connect with fans, both existing and new. To start, these are available in web browsers, with additional mediums coming soon.

Can I experience (and share) my assets in the same way on Wild & other platforms?

When you mint a piece on Wild, you will own the artwork itself which is transferable to all other secondary platforms. You will also enjoy a bespoke only-on-Wild experience designed for you to immerse yourself in the work exactly as the artist intended. 

What Wild Experiences lie ahead?

In addition to new artist collections , we’ll continue to add special surprises and unique elements for Oasis owners. We’re also dreaming up new experiences continuing to debut in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

Working at Wild

What makes Wild a special place to work?

We’re a small-but-mighty team, with backgrounds from Apartment List, Google, Peloton, Flexport and Roblox and investors – ranging from Matrix Partners and Reid Hoffman to long-time crypto supporters and enthusiasts – on our side as we build, challenge, immerse, create and explore.

We’re hyper driven and competitive, with an always team-first approach. We’re quirky and creative, each with our own personal passion and connection to web3.

What career opportunities are there at Wild?

Wild is growing and hiring to achieve the massive ambition of our artists and collectors alike. Visit our LinkedIn for regular updates on opportunities to join us!

Where is Wild headquartered?

Wild is a virtual first company, with teammates across the globe – from San Francisco to Brooklyn, Australia to Austin. Great people – and inspiration that guides us – comes from everywhere.

What’s the Wild team all about?

Our values and ambition guide us every day, including:

  • Come as you are: Each of us bring our full, authentic selves to work. 
  • Reimagine possible: We lead from the front, act with integrity, and write our own path forward.
  • Build for impact: We commit to solving real problems, focusing on collective output delivered together.
  • Stay curious: We are passionate, optimistic problem solvers and dreamers, driven by imagination. Creativity is not an element, but a fundamental piece of everything we do.
  • Make yourself proud: We show up to do our best work, celebrate each other, and always acknowledge awesomeness. We treat each other with respect and leave our egos at the door.
  • Get fun sh*t done: We believe the best work happens when you’re having fun.

Descending Auction

What is a Descending Auction?

To participate in the Descending Auction, simply place a bid at the price you’re willing to pay. Bids will start at XXX Price, and progressively decrease until the collection sells out. To maximize your chances of minting, place your bid early! Ultimately, everyone will pay the same price: The clearing price (the price of the bid when the auction sells out). If your bid is higher than the clearing price, you’ll be able to claim a refund via the smart contract.

Why a Descending Auction?

A Descending Auction is great for both Artists and Collectors because it allows the market to determine the price for the collection!

What happens during a drop with a Descending Auction?

The auction opens with a fixed supply of tokens for the auction and a starting price.
The price will then decrease linearly over the sale duration until either the collection sells out or the price reaches the ending price. Collectors can purchase at any price point they choose as long as there are still tokens available. If the auction sells out or concludes at the ending price, individuals who paid above the clearing price will be able to claim a refund via our smart contract.

How do I mint in a Descending Auction?

You can mint instantly in this auction! While there is supply available, a bid = a mint.

  1. Navigate to the collection’s drop page.
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click ‘Mint’ to purchase up to the max number of tokens per wallet
  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  5. Pay the required gas fee to complete the transaction.
  6. Pending supply availability, you can mint multiple times during the auction until you reach the max amount per wallet
  7. The price you ultimately pay will be whatever the auction concludes at.
What you pay, minting more tokens & refunds

If the auction continues after you mint, you will start to accumulate a refund, which you can apply toward minting additional tokens (until the max per wallet is met). Once the auction concludes, you can claim the refund, which is the difference between the price you paid and the auction’s clearing price.

To see your refund in your wallet

After you claim your refund in ETH, you will see a Transaction in your wallet with the method “Claim Refund” and 0 Eth value. You will see the same transaction under Internal Transactions with the ETH value of the refund you claimed.