Token Art

It’s building season. Yes, you’re early.

  • In late 2022, we emerged from the Wild – our first foray into the world to build the future of experiential art.
  • In just over 4 months, we welcomed nearly 500 Oasis holders.
  • As we cultivate this community to our final 1,000, it is our #1 priority to do so thoughtfully and intentionally– so we’re taking the next few months to focus on our collector community.

Something’s coming…

  • We also have exciting new opportunities in the works, and are focused on building those, with an eye always towards how to enhance the Oasis experience.

We’ll be back.

  • Be the first to know when we’re back with an opportunity to join & build with us. SIGN UP
  • In the meantime our early Oasis holders will continue to get first access to all artist drops coming from Wild - and to all that’s ahead.
  • If you’re keen not to wait, feel free to reach out at, or scoop an Oasis on secondary.

Exclusive Benefits

1. Dozens of Artist Drops

Oasis holders are always the first to access our artist drops. With unique perks, prices, and artist access, Oasis is the premier access to Wild’s ecosystem.

2. An intimate collector community

With only 1,000 total Oasis passes, when you collect an Oasis, you also become part of an intimate community of collectors, artists, and builders. Get access to Oasis-only events, channels, and more as we build our creative community.

3. Future Wild Drops

Early access for Wild’s proprietary drops - coming soon. Enjoy unique experiential collections that will allow our community of collectors to shape the future with us.

An Oasis pass has been my Golden Ticket throughout this bear market. The demand for the drops is astounding, and I’m always the first to have access to them!”