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Sage Sarvie
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In Surreality, Sage Sarvie has created 100 unique dreamscapes that invite you to step away from daily life and enter into your own slice of what the world could feel like when the natural world and functional spaces unite. Filled with clean and cozy colors, there is a sense of calm when you step inside of one of Sage's dreamscapes, which are explorable in browser.

Surreality: Dreamscapes for an introspective mind

In Surreality, Sage Sarvie takes her dreamscapes to the next level with immersive content that will transport you. Her work has always had an escapist quality, but this new collection gives owners the opportunity to visit and explore these spaces through pixel streaming technology. Think of each piece as your own private oasis - when you need a break from the real world, you can settle into Sage’s intricately designed digital spaces to relax. 

Sage began by drawing on her architectural engineering background to create open-concept rooms, as she has for many past projects. After creating the initial space, she moved on to fleshing out the landscapes and creating a calming environment. She then added furniture and other accents to bring the piece to life. 

This is a creative process that Sage has become very familiar with as she’s developed her distinctive dreamscape style. However, this collection is the first time that each piece is fully immersive. “This is the first time I will have interactive spaces, an immersive virtual room that the user can continue coming back to,” she says. “It is meant to be a virtual escape for the user. The text I’ve included in each room is a reflection point, and it is something I ask myself at the end of each day.” 

By including these introspective details, Sage has created a space that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also a place to reset mentally and escape from the challenges of everyday life. “My inspiration behind the collection was the need for personal space, comfort, and a breach of fresh air,” says Sage. “The inspiration and intent has remained true from the beginning, but the end product has changed throughout the creative process.” 

Sage strived to make each element unique and special. “These are items that can’t be found anywhere other than a [Sage Sarvie] dreamscape,” she says. “Each of these rooms also has a completely unique configuration, with a variation of beds, chairs, lamps, plants, and color palettes.” Each dreamscape also has hidden interactive touches, encouraging collectors to explore the piece fully.

Sage enjoys the “boundaryless” approach to creating virtual spaces, as opposed to the technical nature of real-life architectural engineering and design. Without any physical limitations, Sage is able to create spaces that couldn’t exist in real life. With Surreality, she explores what these spaces can look like in VR and in the metaverse, expanding our own ideas of space. 

Surreality features clean and cozy color palettes that include whites, pinks, and golds, giving the spaces a warm glow. Details like heart-shaped windows and conversation pits give the spaces a distinctly groovy vibe. Balconies overlook moody sunsets or bright, cloudless summer skies, giving the viewer the sensation of being on top of the world. Even the atmosphere of each piece is completely unique, so collectors will feel like they’re in their own private world. 

“Each [piece] is inspired by the intersection between our functional living spaces and the natural world, with the intent to bring about a sense of calm using ambient lighting, minimalism, and various architectural elements,” says Sage. By combining familiar indoor elements with the soothing, meditative nature of the outdoors, each piece strikes a unique sense of balance and harmony. 

As you might expect, this focus on calm and serenity was reflected in Sage’s creative process as well. She enjoys working in a dark room while listening to some of her favorite music. Persian dance music and Aluna’s latest tracks were favorites on her playlist, and she also cites Lana Del Rey as a favorite musician. She also enjoys listening to stand-up comedy and spending time with her dog to decompress. 

In a world where stress and uncertainty are ever-present, it’s more important than ever to find personal moments of calm. Sage’s collection brings meditative beauty to the web3 space in intricate, sophisticated detail. 

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Surreality invites visitors to embrace the boundless and introspective universe designed by artist Sage Sarvie.

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