Seattle-based architect and artist focused on mixing stunning architecture with nature to create surreal dreamscapes. She hopes to create meditative spaces that challenge viewers to reimagine their relationship with screens.

In a world that feels more chaotic than ever, Sage Sarvie’s art feels like a breath of fresh air. She creates digital 3D landscapes that combine architecture and nature to create a sense of calm. Called “dreamscapes”, these pieces serve as an escape from the hectic and overwhelming nature of everyday life. 

Originally from Ottawa, Sage is now based in Seattle, where she works as an architectural engineer and digital artist. She began creating her dreamscapes in fall 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing and the news felt heavy and overwhelming. Digital dreamscapes were an antidote to the stressful content that was so pervasive online at the time. 

Many of Sage’s dreamscapes are inspired by places she’s visited in real life, but the natural elements in each piece create a surrealist tone. The architectural elements are very minimalist, with hints of mid-century modern style in many pieces. Ambient lighting creates depth within each piece, while a color palette of muted pastels feels peaceful and calming. Synthwave and vaporwave influences are prominent in many of the dreamscapes. 

“My dreamscapes are an interpretation of what I think we can feel when we look at architecture and the environment around it.”

In spring 2022, Sage’s work was featured at the Seattle NFT Museum, which is the first museum in the world to focus entirely on NFTs and Web3. The exhibition, “Pioneering Women in NFT Art”, featured pieces from some of the leading women in the generative art space. Sage showcased two pieces - “Submerged” and “Cloud 9 Convo Pit”. “Submerged” created an underwater living space for a dystopian world, while “Cloud 9 Convo Pit” is a utopian take on the classic conversation pit. 

Looking towards the future, Sage plans to hone her craft even further and continue to create art that brings people a sense of peace and calm. “My dreamscapes are an interpretation of what I think we can feel when we look at architecture and the environment around it,” says Sage. 

Sage plans to expand into the VR space in the future.These would be virtual homes that people  could purchase and spend time in to relax and unwind. 

In her Wild collection, Sage will explore themes of vastness and futurism. Like many of her previous works, the collection will likely include water and nature. “I think the challenge for me is going to be creating something that is futuristic and clean and minimal, but still feels like home,” she says. 

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