Death Before the Bloom

Death Before the Bloom is a collection of 111 snapshots of an imagined space by DJ and world builder, Aluna. The 3D immersive experience follows the degradation of a victorian manor which will slowly become overgrown with time, taken over plants, flowers, and mycelium from the time of launch to the release of Aluna's next album. Each token in the collection is a snapshot of the collector's experience at a particular time in its decay, challenging the collector to check back and capture the moment when their experience and token match.

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Collection Details

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Mint Phases (PT)

Each phase has a limited supply, so we recommend you arrive early.


The allowlist is first-come, first-served, and Oasis holders receive early allowlist access, followed by the rest of the allowlist. The public auction begins as soon as the allowlist sells out.

Public Auction

Bids are ranked by value & time. Early bids prioritized in times of ties - so bid early! Bids start at the mint price. Once # of bids > total supply, a clearing price is set & determines who mints. Your final mint price is the bid amount below yours + 0.01ETH.


At the end of a sold out auction, a limited supply will be raffled to randomly selected bidders who did not mint. Raffle winners can mint a piece at the mint price.


Reveal and share with friends and other collectors! Minted art pieces it will appear in ‘My Gallery’ on a few hours post-mint. Post mint, collections are available through secondary marketplaces.

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