Common Spaces

Common Spaces

Common Spaces is a collection of 100 unique individual microverses that challenges us to rethink the concept of the metaverse. Every aspect of the world, created by Sasha Belitskaja, was made in VR and refined by hand using an iPad, including walls, floors, and ceilings as well as sculptures, characters, and environmental details.

Step into the microverse

Each piece appears virtually 'handmade'

Step inside 100 unique microverses from the mind of Sasha Belitskaja, who is challenging us to investigate what the ‘metaverse’ means to each and every one of us. What if each world we step into felt entirely unique, with personalities, characters, and rich aesthetic details? That’s exactly the type of worlds Sasha is building in Common Space.

About the Artist

Sasha Belitskaja

Estonian entrepreneur and artist with a background in architecture and mixed physical reality. Sasha’s installations are remarkable, and her digital creations are pulsing, dancing delights ready to launch us into the metaverse.

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