Jeremy is a professional graphic designer and 3D animation artist with a unique, perpetual-loop style. He’s inspired by patterns, math, nature, and music and seeks to achieve a level of emotion in all of his work.

Jeremy Seeman is a graphic artist based in Edmonton, Canada. Working under the name KineticGraphics, Jeremy creates 3D animations of seamlessly repeating loops, playing with scale and perspective to create the illusion of never-ending movement. 

Jeremy has over 15 years of working in graphic design. He pursued design studies at MacEwan University in Edmonton and transitioned into a successful graphic design career shortly after graduation. Throughout his career, he’s worked for agencies as well as working on a freelance basis. 

Jeremy fell into 3D animation by accident during the COVID-19 pandemic. While working remotely, he wanted to take advantage of newfound free time and pursue personal projects. Initially, he wanted to create beer labels, and created a 3D model of a beer can to display them on. He enjoyed the 3D modeling process so much that he pivoted into 3D animation and hasn’t looked back. 

“I want my work to develop. I want it to be more impactful and tell a larger story.”

Feeling mesmerized by the concept of repeating loops, Jeremy began to make short animations. His work explores many different styles and themes, and he finds inspiration in math, nature, and music.

“The Descent” is one of Jeremy’s most beloved pieces, consisting of a loop of a spaceship on fire hurtling towards a rocky planet. As with many of his works, the repetition creates a sense of tension, as we never find out exactly what happens to the spaceship when it hits the ground. In the future, Jeremy plans to expand this concept into a larger series, which will be more story-based and delve into the meaning behind the movement. 

Also notable from Jeremy is “Switching Pendulum”. In this piece, two pendulums run back and forth over a light switch, timed to music. Every time the switch flips, the texture, colors, and background of the animation change, transporting the viewer to different worlds. 

A recurring theme in Jeremy’s work is mobius strips. Some of his most successful pieces have been detailed mobius strips inspired by everything from roller coasters to ocean currents to highways. 

Much like his work, Jeremy’s process is continual and ever-expanding. “I want my work to develop,” Jeremy says. “I want it to be more impactful and tell a larger story. I want it to be recognizable, and enjoyed.”