A pioneering curator and collector at the intersection of art and technology. Kate is the founder of Kate Vass Galerie, which has been exhibiting and supporting incredible digital artists since 2017 with a focus on emerging creatives in algorithmic or generative art.

Kate Vass is a gallerist and collector focusing on generative and digital art. In 2017, she opened Kate Vass Galerie in Zurich, which was one of the first galleries in the world to focus entirely on digital art and generative art. Since its opening five years ago, the gallery has showcased innovative new media artists from all over the world, presenting both physical and digital exhibitions. In particular, Kate has launched initiatives focusing on female artists who are often under-represented in the art industry.  
Prior to opening Kate Vass Galerie, Kate was a successful freelance art curator and advisor. Through her work with F.A.R.E Consulting, she helps corporate clients build crypto art collections in addition to broader strategy consulting and business development. Vass is also an avid collector herself and has a large personal collection of computer-based art. 
Kate Vass Galerie has consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to art in the web3 space. The gallery provides opportunities for talented digital artists who aren’t always recognized in more traditional spaces like museums. In particular, Kate focuses on highlighting women in the digital art space who aren’t always featured in other exhibitions. 

“There’s nothing wrong with having fun. Life is too important to be taken too seriously.”

The gallery has an impressive permanent collection of ETH-based blockchain art and hosts digital showcases that are accessible to potential collectors around the world. The gallery also hosts in-person exhibitions, many of which include VR and other immersive technologies. 

Because NFTs and the web3 space are relatively new, Kate Vass Galerie offers educational material to help art enthusiasts better understand this new technology and make it accessible to a wider range of collectors. The gallery releases new educational content on a quarterly basis to help collectors navigate the digital art space and build their collections. Additionally, Kate has participated in lectures and panels focusing on NFTs, the Metaverse, and the future of the art world. 

The gallery’s most recent group exhibition, “Dear Machine, paint for me”, is a fascinating display of algorithmic and generative art across a variety of styles. This exhibition dives into the history of algorithmic art and the ways that it has changed over time. As technology has advanced, the possibilities within the generative art space have grown exponentially. “Dear Machine, paint for me” explores the ways that randomness and self-expression can coincide in art. 

In addition to shows at the Kate Vass Galerie in Zurich, Vass also facilitates showcases of digital artists at events all over the world. Notable upcoming events include the CADAF Art Fair in New York, Art Basel in Miami, and the ART SG Art Fair in Singapore. Vass also regularly participates in NFT events digitally on Twitter Spaces. 

In 2020, Kate launched the #womensupportingwomen initiative through Kate Vass Galerie. This initiative supports women artists across all mediums by increasing visibility and even providing financial support. #womensupportingwomen exhibitions give talented female artists a platform to break into the ever-changing digital art space.