StupidGiant is a 3D artist whose rigorous daily practice has now produced over one thousand everydays. Meme aesthetics and internet icons populate his playful daily outputs.

Jorge Alejandro Castellanos Paz, aka StupidGiant, is a 3D artist from Honduras. Employing a rigorous, daily practice which results in daily outputs, StupidGiant’s work is defined by a continued pursuit of excellence in digital drawing techniques and 3D rendered compositions.

At the outset of his artistic journey, StupidGiant began creating daily doodles: a regimented, self-imposed challenge that was inspired by NFT legend Beeple’s Everydays. After the completion of a 40-day streak, he couldn’t help but compare his everydays to Beeple’s impressive 13-year everyday art record. Feeling unmotivated, StupidGiant decided to reach out to Beeple directly for advice. In response, Beeple challenged him to create art every day for 100 days.
Undeterred by his initial struggles, StupidGiant completed the 100-day challenge using his phone as a drawing tool, and went on to accept more and more rigorous challenges from Beeple. He has now produced more than 1200 consecutive daily art pieces. Eager to continue, StupidGiant is determined to reach a personal milestone of 10 years of everyday art.

Like his inspiration Beeple, StupidGiant’s work plumbs a modern internet culture iconography. Video game characters, meme symbols, and net aesthetics unfold in his daily works, which reveal the nuanced subtleties of our moment in chronology with the artist’s life. Using popular imagery like a universal lexicon, StupidGiant slyly reveals aspects of his interior landscape in his bold, figurative works. 
Emphasizing technique, steadfastness, and constant improvement, StupidGiant’s practice not only speaks to the value of technical rigor for artistic development, but also echoes wider shifts in the contemporary visual culture paradigm facilitated in part by web3. Preferring commitment to community, rooted by an innate understanding of circulation value, his work is in dialogue with a wider desire to favor craft over content, and process over output.
Everyday Odyssey

Everyday Odyssey is a collection of curated image outputs from stupidgiant’s daily sketch practice. Stupidgiant has sorted through his vast archive, and selected this tight collection of his favorite everydays that draw particular attention to the most memorable moments along his artistic journey. Amusing experiences, major life events, and defining changes are represented in the collection, which amounts to a contemporary portrait of the artist and his development in today’s Web3 creative culture.

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